X1 News Teams Up With Uber

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X1 News proudly announces its partnership with Uber, the transportation network company that makes finding a ride easier than ever. 

Employees no longer have to wait curbside hailing cabs or deal with inconsistent taxi companies, because Uber provides a simple and easy way to find a ride almost everywhere the job may take the employee.

The multimedia news company signed on with Uber this year to make the process of paying for rides easier for the staff, as well as management.

Senior Editor, Faith Parks, handles the receipts and reimbursement process for her journalists and as she explains, Uber has replaced transportation to/from airports and other destinations where a rental car would simply be unnecessary.

It was becoming such a headache with hundreds of receipts sent into me. Plus, there were instances when receipts weren't available, especially with taxis, but having a record for our internal audits makes my job go a lot smoother.

The employee simply downloads the app to their phones and registers with their X1 News email address. Once registered – they're ready to ride and by using their company email address, employees are able to ride without paying anything out of pocket and the bill is invoiced to X1 News.

No receipts. No hassle.

The benefits of this partnership go beyond ease of use and reduction of receipts. On average, Uber is cheaper to use, saving X1 News up to a $1,000 per employee per year. Uber is also available 24/7 so when an employee needs to catch a last-minute flight late at night or early in the morning, they know they have a ride – usually with a car arriving within 4-minutes.

Safety is also a major concern for X1 News.

“The welfare of my staff is very important to me,” says Parks. “I want my people to be the best at what they do and part of that comes from providing them safe transportation.” Uber conducts extensive background checks on all of its drivers and provides commercial auto insurance for every ride. They've got their passengers covered.

While some locations aren't available yet, either because they are rural areas – or because the local governments have banned the driver company (such as New York), the locations that are available provide X1 News staff with affordable, reliable and safe transportation. 

By taking advantage of this great opportunity, X1 News is bringing its company into the new age of finding transportation while on a business trip.

This partnership makes finding a ride Uber simple.

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X1 News Teams Up With Uber

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