4 Things You Can Do to Keep From Having a Boring Sex Life

by Jenny Graves
4 Things You Can Do to Keep From Having a Boring Sex Life

She isn’t jumping into the sack… like she used to. Has she started yawning instead of moaning? Rolling her eyes when they should be upside down in the back of her head? Looking around when she should be throwing her head back in an orgasmic rage? These could be purely coincidence, or it could mean you lead a boring sex life.

Maybe you find she's making excuses to just go to sleep instead of ripping your clothes off, or the vixen who was once a girl on fire in the bedroom has turned into Aunt Bee?

Not to worry – these 4 tips will get you started.

The rest is up to you.

Don't ask for permission

Obviously, we're not condoning forcing yourself on anyone.

Being with a woman for any length of time should be long enough for you to know her body language as to whether she is wanting it or not. You shouldn't need to ask if she's horny… it can completely ruin the mood by asking for permission to touch her.

And, thats the start of a boring sex life.

By now you should know the signs to give your woman that lets her know you’re in the mood – and you should also know the signs she’s ready for your loving. Touching her and waiting for a reaction or giving her a flirty look is a way more nicer way to go about it than the robotic terms of ‘can we have sex’.

Make her feel wanted

The main reason for a boring sex life is when one doesn't feel desirable.

So, they keep their passion inside.

If she seems plain bored every time you bring up sex, let her know that you're horny – or cop a feel of her ass when she walks by, that's not a good sign – but it's totally salvageable.

Women have a craving for passion in the bedroom; don’t make the job seem like a robotic chore. Personal passion and giving her attention can help her to not feel like she is just your pleasure-giving blow-up doll.

Not every sexual session needs to be exploding but remember – women love personal attention, they like to be treated like a queen once in a while in the bedroom… and outside of it. Add some rose petals or nice scented candles to enhance the romance, soft scents like musk can turn a woman on.

Be location independent

You get into the bedroom but her mood seems to change from hot kissing in the living room to ending up in the bedroom just laying there? So what changed?

Sometimes just changing the location can help her to forget the paint peeling on the ceiling.

Change things up a little and add some spice.

Experience with a change of setting. Next time; be passionate and get her wet in the kitchen, the shower or even a nice shaded private part of the beach at night time.

Let your imagination run wild.


You think you're good at taking her doggy style or the basic man on top, so you jump right into that but find she is isn’t excited or seems to not be into it as you’d like.

Maybe she makes an excuse she isn’t feeling the best…

Take note fellas: she is bored.

Couples can find that being with each other for a long time things can get dull. Keep things exciting. Try new positions – and new things – every so often.

Talk about each other's fetishes and maybe try a sex game or two.

Make a romantic date night and sit out under the stars with a bottle of wine and talk together about what each other wants and what turns you both on and try to break the bedroom boredom before it becomes a problem.

Having a woman in your bed that is happy to please you in return as much as you’re willing to please her will give your sex life an incredible boost, ensuring the days of the ever-dreaded boring sex life are over.

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