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  • Plan your news business

Discovering your topic niche, creating your audience avatar and researching what they want is the first step in getting your blog going.

Building the minimum site framework is part of the planning phase.

  • Launch your news site

Launching, before it's "perfect", is part of the process - and probably the most important one. It will never be perfect and you can't get any traction... if you never launch.

  • Build Systems & Processes

After you've launched, there will be changes that need to be made. Design changes. Process changes. Reporting changes.

  • Market Your News Site

Attract more visitors and keep them engaged and involved in your site so that you can attract advertisers and sponsors.

  • Monetize Your News Business

Even passionate people need to make money. Otherwise, it's just a hobby. Entrepreneurial journalists want to make news their job.

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