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Instead of having one news media cartel controlling what people think, our licensed Newsrooms are in control of the content they produce for their newsroom.

That's truly the only way to stay fair and balanced.

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From the desk of:

Anna Williams

Managing Editor, X1 News

Dear Success-Minded Entrepreneurial Journalist:

It doesn't matter if you're a broadcast journalism major, communications major… or neither. If you want to start an online business that will make a difference, X1 News has the perfect business model for driven entrepreneurial journalists that want to own their own news site.

Introducing: Our Newsroom Licensing Program

The X1 Newsroom Licensing Program is a different type of business model because we believe that the more we can do for you the more you can do for your audience.

And that’s why our entire program is built on multiple layers of done-for-you services and support designed to keep you focused on content, networking and brand-building activity to add value to your community.

We want to change the way news organizations are looked upon.

To do this, we have put together what I believe is the most comprehensive news business program in the world for traditional and citizen journalists that want to start an online business and build something sustainable, memorable and important.

  • It is not a franchise, so you keep the profits you earn from sponsorships and advertising.
  • You maintain control of your editorial processes, we simply provide support.

What makes this different?

We believe in awesome support from day one.

Whether it’s finding a niche, brand awareness, marketing, lead generation, operations procedures, staffing, advertising sales, systems & processes… we’re there for you.

So many times, I've seen business ‘gurus' that will take your money to teach you some outdated nonsense on how to start an online business… when they have never owned any type of business!

With our program, you get it all – from top to bottom – everything you need to start a successful news business and, most importantly, keep it going.

I encourage you to look through this information and fill out the form for your Discovery Call to let us show you why we are your best option.

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Newsroom Benefits

  • Full Turn-Key Business Solution
  • Publishing Platform Provided
  • G Suite Email Accounts
  • Full access to private intranet
  • Advertising Platform
  • Email Subscriber System
  • Social Media Planning Platform
  • Content Delivery Network
  • Staff Training
  • Training Manuals
  • Unlimited phone/chat/email Support
  • Brand Management
  • Marketing Library
  • Media Credentials
  • Business Cards
  • Brand Identity Collateral
  • Exclusive Digital Content
  • Annual Convention
  • Weekly Conference Calls
  • Quarterly Launch Calls

Newsroom, Podcast, Blog & Vlog Benefits

  • Revenue Sharing Model
  • Editing & Production Support
  • Community Support
  • Access to private Slack Group
  • Access to Facebook Group
  • Media Planning Tools
  • Invitation to networking events
  • Live office hours sessions
  • Branded Merchandise

Option 1: Start your Newsroom

No Hidden Fees. No Percentages Taken... ever.

Affiliation Fee



Licensing Fee



360° Support

Ongoing Training

Affordable Start-Up

Part Time or Full Time

No Experience Needed

Multiple Income Streams

Limited Time Offer: act now and we'll waive the Affiliation fee, saving you $679.

Option 2, 3 & 4: Start your Podcast, Blog or Vlog on our Network

We pay you based on page views & performance.

Start Up Fee



Service Fee



360° Support

Revenue Sharing

Affordable Start-Up

No Experience Needed

Part of the X1 Network

Editing/Production by X1

Limited Time Offer: act now and we'll waive the Start-Up fee, saving you $71.

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